Syncrmusic | Make NFTs Part of Your Music Strategy

Syncr has teamed up with Aurovine and MusicArt to give you the opportunity to mint your album, single and poster artwork for free and create up to fifty copies to sell in the Aurovine shop at MusicArt to your fans.

NFTs seem to be all the rage at the moment, with big stars from the music and art world selling NFTs for tens of thousands of dollars and even in the millions. 

But many up and coming artists are wondering if this world of NFTs is really for them and if it's just a fad to be exploited by the mega rich of the music world.

Whether you like it or not, NFTs will be here to stay and they should be incorporated into the strategy of all music artists. Whether it`s exclusive artwork, unreleased demos, music from the forthcoming album, concert tickets or promotional material, these NFTs products are a great way to engage with fans and generate new income streams from exclusive content. Right now Aurovine artists are making more money from the sale of NFTs than they are through months of streaming on platforms such as Spotify and iTunes. 

MusicArt only deals with authentic and certified artwork from official sources and are hugely supportive of both up and coming artists as well as promoting artwork of bigger names from the world of music and entertainment.

Only through Aurovine, the world's first blockchain music platform, will Syncr artists get free minting of their NFTs, technical and promotional support, and will be rewarded with additional benefits when they sign up to Aurovine platform.

To take advantage of this great opportunity, check out our NFT brief here

Tobias Pugh

Head of Sync