Syncrmusic | Music Declares Emergency

Not sure if you’ve heard but the planet isn’t doing so well and no-one in power is doing much about it. But there’s hope! Hundreds of brilliant musicians and organisations have signed a declaration of emergency, promising to do our bit to help our world and we’re inviting you to do the same.


Music Declares Emergency is a group of artists, music industry professionals and organisations who believe that the rise in greenhouse gas emissions and the ongoing devastation of the natural world constitute a clear and present threat to life on Earth. However, music, musicians and music businesses, through their unique cultural and economic power, can lead the way in demanding the systemic changes required to secure all life on earth.


As an artist, you have a unique position to use your power for good. You can sign the declaration and find out what you can do by visiting the actions page on their website here, with tips on how you can use your label, diet, gigs, merch and influence to get  involved with the effort.


You can also donate to their fundrazr here to help them continue to do their brilliant work. Music Declares Emergency is volunteer ran so donations will fund events and communications, helping them to spread their message and mobilise those throughout our beautiful art form to save the world.

Ricky Hill

Syncr Founder