Syncrmusic | Success Stories

VW Toureg advert

Syncr user Jauntin was successful with our car ad brief and got his music synced on this VW Touareg advert! Check out his track Cassette Dreams.

Bosch Christmas Ad

Singer-Songwriter Amy Collins wrote this track specifically for our Christmas ad brief.

Rebel Sport

Jauntin was successful AGAIN with our Sports TV ad brief and his custom composition now features on Rebel Sport’s 2020 Campaign!

Greenwich University

Greenwich University wanted a track for a promotional video and Karmic’s ‘Warriors’ worked perfectly…

BT Sport

The brilliant Benjamin BM$ got his track on BT Sport’s coverage of the 04/04/2021 Man Utd V Brighton game through Syncr. Listen to ‘Rewind‘ here.

Georgia Meek

The brilliant Georgia Meek has been playlisted, interviewed, performed at The Great Escape and been signed by both a label and a booking agent, all through Syncr. She’s made this great video for us!

Black Flowers

The Bohemian Embassy scored their first sync when their song ‘50 More Songs To Write‘ soundtracked the opening scene of 2018’s Black Flowers.


We worked with revolutionary, portable airdrumming product Aerodrums to offer a free kit and 6 months of Syncr Pro! We looked for artists of all abilities and genres and asked for quotes as to how the kit would help them. Aerodrums picked Luna Rosa and offered 30% discount on the kits to the 14 runners up!

Love Island

We pitched Ari Tahan's ‘Lights Down’ to massive reality show Love Island and it got placed on Episode 38 of Season 8!

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