Syncrmusic | More Than Sync: What Syncr can offer creators

Podcasters, gig promoters, media companies, labels, brands, videomakers and more can all benefit from the wealth of talent in this era of creativity.


Collaboration is key to success. So why not make it simple?


We work with incredible musicians to find the perfect incredible music for incredible projects in the simplest way possible. By crowdsourcing and curating the best tracks from exciting emerging artists, we can deliver the best ones for your project, budget and needs, licensing the tracks and even providing custom tracks if needed.


So for musicians, simply upload your tracks and throw it at all the opportunities you like and for content creators, simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll connect the dots. We’ll also go to great lengths to promote exciting projects and brilliant music.


We’re always helping connect artists with creators/curators, whether that’s interviews in blogs, playlisting, ad placement, record label meetings, podcast tracks or anything else we work on. But we don’t only curate/license tracks you know. Come to us with an idea or a description about your company and we can brainstorm ideas and use our knowledge to help out. Are you an alcohol company? Lets do a music themed beer. Are you a coffee chain? Lets make an innovative playlist to drive sales. Are you a charity? A fundraising contest. Design t shirts? Custom products. We want to work with the most exciting collaborators, and in short, make cool shit happen with you.


So if you put on gigs or festivals, make films, do/want remixes, are looking for a partnership, want to put on 360 filmed show, or just want to enhance your brand with music, get in touch by email and we can discuss ideas, compatibility, styles and more!

Ricky Hill

Syncr Founder