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Label Seeking R&B Artists
Label Seeking R&B Artists

What we are looking for

This New Indie Label is seeking Female and Male vocalists, if you can write this is a plus. This New Indie Record Label was founded by a Grammy-nominated Record Producer that will be distributed by a Major Label.

The Label is looking for acts that would appeal to fans of the following references below.

This Label wants to sign the next big thing. If you think this is you submit today!

They won't be looking as much for polished, perfect production as much as they're looking for fresh, marketable Artists with great Songs! Your production and recording quality needs to be clean, well-mixed, and represent you and your songs well.

Please submit your very best R&B Songs with soulful melodies, and memorable choruses, and make sure they have a good amount of mainstream appeal to them.

Any virtual instruments or samples you use should be high-quality and fresh with Sexy, well-performed vocals. That could be a game-changer for you! 

We recommend submitting at least TWO to THREE Songs per submission so they can see if you’ve got depth in your material.

Do not copy the references in any way, shape or form. Use them only as a general guide for tone, texture, and overall vibe.

This is for an exclusive recording contract and Publishing deal


  • Brief Deadline

    Fri August 16th

  • Genre



    All Media



  • Licence Period

    In Perpetuity