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Hard Electronic Dance Songs
Hard Electronic Dance Songs

What we are looking for

A U.K. Music Licensing Company with Worldwide Distribution and lots of placements in Film and TV are looking for lots of instrumental-centric, hard, electronic dance songs with male OR female vocals.

Looking for Mid-to-Up-Tempo Songs that would fall within the general stylistic ballpark of the following examples they gave us below. 

Please listen closely to the references as they are NOT looking for full Songs that are purely instrumental. They ARE looking for Instrumental tracks with minimal, sparse lyrics that are not in a traditional song structure. Your vocals can be sample-based or they can be performed.

Please send Instrumental-driven, Hard Electronic-Dance Songs that have catchy melodies and hooky vocal parts. Your productions should have a ton of fist-pumping energy, with great big builds and drops, and the latest and most up-to-date electronic sounds.

NOTE: The client does NOT want to hear any Dubstep for this request.

Phrases that avoid specific names, places, dates, times, and brands could give you an added edge. Do not copy the referenced artists or Songs in any way, shape, or form. Use them only as a general guide for tempo, texture, and tone. 

Broadcast Quality is needed.


  • Brief Deadline

    Fri August 16th

  • Genre

    Dance , Electronic , House , Techno , EDM , Drum & Bass


    All Media



  • Licence Period

    In Perpetuity