Syncrmusic | Corite - Guaranteed Funding
Corite - Guaranteed Funding
Corite - Guaranteed Funding Corite - Guaranteed Funding

What we are looking for

Corite enables you to use the power of your fans! 

They give artists the chance to involve their fans in investing in music, giving unsigned artists the advantages of a traditional label while keeping fans at the forefront.

Through Syncr, Corite allows artists to apply and join their artist Missions. Your fans can accumulate Fan Power by participating in Missions you set up as the artist. Just imagine being able to reward your fans for using your music on TikTok! With Corite, this becomes a reality.

By using Corite, you gain access to funding and marketing assistance at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on your strengths - creating music. As your music climbs to new heights, so does your financial success, which is shared with your fans.

What you will get:

* A fan powered advance
* Marketing support
* A dedicated point of contact

Receive free marketing and guaranteed funding as your fans collaborate to enhance engagement on your music and social platforms. Apply now to be part of the artist Missions!

Submission Rules

The most successful applicants will

* Be dedicated to engaging their fans and building community
* Have a presence on social media
* Enjoys content creation
* Have a plan to frequently release music in the next 6-12 months
* Be ready to share unreleased music via a Soundcloud link or similar

Please only apply if you want to use Corite for a campaign for your unreleased track submission.

  • Brief Deadline


  • Genre

    Rap , Indie , Classical , Pop , Rock , Dance , Jazz , Other , All , Acoustic , Afrobeat , Cinematic , Country , Disco , Electronic , Folk , Funk , Instrumental , Foreign Language , Metal , Punk , R&B/Soul , Reggae , Dubstep , Alternative , Indie-Pop , Indie-Rock , House , Techno , Ambient , Hip-Hop , Grime , International (K-Pop, J-Pop, Eurovision) , EDM , Latin , Drum & Bass , Remix , Reggaeton





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